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About Sweet Fragrance Oils

Craving the scent of freshly baked sweets without the hassle of baking them yourself? Look no further than the Supplies For Candles sweet fragrance line! Our sweet fragrance oils allow you to bring any of your favourite scents, such as vanilla, marshmallow and birthday cake, into your home any time of day. Say goodbye to messy baking pans and hello to the smell of fresh baked cookies every day!

Simply choose your favourite scent from our original sweet fragrance oil line to easily create your own luxury sweet-scented product for both personal and retail use. All of our original sweet fragrance oils are only offered by Supplies For Candles, giving you the exact scent you’re looking for that just can’t be found anywhere else. Browse our wide selection of sweet scents here or choose your favourite notes to find the perfect fragrance blend.

What are the candy fragrance oil scents offered?

Our sweet fragrance oil line offers a wide variety of candy inspired sweet scents. If you’re looking for something to remind you of your favourite childhood candy treat, you’ll find a wide selection of fragrance oils in scents such as bubble gum or pixie dust. If you’re looking for a candy scent with a bit more sophistication, check out our black cherry or candy cane fragrance oils.

Does Supplies For Candles offer baked treats scents?

Yes! The Supplies For Candles sweet fragrance oil range includes a variety of your favourite baked treat scents, including the scent of cakes and pies. Our sweet baked treat fragrance oils are a perfect way to bring the scent of a freshly baked pastry into your home without having to bake yourself. It’s a win-win!