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Candle Holders and Containers

Ensure your candle creations are beautifully presented in one of stunning candle holders or containers. We have a wide variety from simple candle container jars to decorative and patterned glasses, explore the full candle container collection to discover your new candle-making go-to’s. 

Containers for Candles

Whether you’re making one or two candles at home or you’re a business looking for wholesale containers, our range of candle holders is packed full of options you’re sure to adore. Our candle containers are a classic candle-making must-have, and have been specially selected to provide you with a stunning range of shapes and sizes for all your creative needs! We stock a large range of wholesale candle jars, glasses and holders available in bulk, specifically designed for everything from travel candles to larger candle bowls – so you can find the perfect option for you. 

If you’re looking for a simple, classic design, look no further than our clear candle glasses or candle tins. For a pop of colour, you can explore coloured candle glasses or decorative candle jars. We even have ceramic candle containers with eye-catching patterns, so you can create candles with a touch of luxury. Once you’ve found the best candle holders for your needs, all you need to do is add your wax, wick and fragrance, and you’ll have your very own homemade candle! 


What can I use for candle holders?

There are a range of things that can be used as candle containers, from tins to glass jars. However, we’d always recommend opting for a specific candle container that was made with the purpose of candle burning in mind. Candles become very hot, especially once they begin to burn inside the container, so it’s better to have the assurance that you’re using a safe, heat-resistant container explicitly made for candles.