Our first ever own-brand wax is here! Introducing ParaSoy™

Can't decide between Paraffin and Soy? Get the best of both worlds with ParaSoy™ 

Formulated by one of the largest candle brands in the world ParaSoy™ Professional Container Wax & ParaSoy™ Professional Melt Wax have been developed to produce candles and wax melts with a premium finish and extra strong scent throw! 

This specifically formulated Paraffin and Soy wax blend is designed to hold high levels of fragrance oil, boasts minimal frosting, less cure time, shorter cooling down period and vibrant colours when used with dyes! 

Check out our guides on How to make candles with ParaSoy™ and How to make wax melts with ParaSoy™

Check out this testimonial from Hannah Chapman at Ava May Aromas:

Special thanks to Hannah and the amazing staff at Ava May Aromas: https://avamayaromas.com/