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Liquid Dyes

A little goes a long way! At Supplies For Candles we have two ranges of liquid dyes, Candle and Cosmetic.

Pop your gloves on, cover your surfaces and you will be ready to go! Our cosmetic dyes are perfect for use in a range of products and work especially well in liquid based formulas.

These water soluble dyes contain glycerine to ensure a little goes a long way. Our Personal Care Dyes (PCL) are suitable for water based products and work well in bath bombs, shampoos, soaps and much more.

A good stir of the dye into your base will do the trick. It’s very easy to record your recipes and data with liquid dye, as our liquid dyes come with a dropper, allowing you to easily monitor how many drops are going into your recipe.

Our liquid dyes are available in 15g dropper bottles.