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Wax Melt Silicone Moulds 

Are you looking for wax melt moulds that can be used repeatedly to create fun and unique wax melts that fill the room with calming scents? Silicone moulds for wax melts are perfect for the wax melt maker who wants to recreate wax melts in the same size and style over and over. Want more variety than that? Supplies for Candles offer a wide selection of silicone mould wax melts, that come in various sizes and styles, such as bones, stars, and flowers, all sure to please any wax melt maker. 

Wax Melt Silicone Moulds

If you spend a lot of time making wax melts, then you’ve probably had a time or two where you want to keep creating unique melts and fragrances but have run out of single-use moulds. Fear not, because with silicone moulds for wax melts, you can reuse moulds over and over again, allowing you to keep creating to your heart’s content. 

If you want to make a timeless wax melt that’s sure to delight, try our Silicone Rose Flower Mould, a beautiful pink mould that makes a rose that will take your breath away. For a festive fall wax melt, try our Silicone Leaves Mould, which makes it look like your wax melt fell right from the tree in the backyard! Our Gingerbread & Candy Cane Mould is the perfect silicone wax melt mould for holidays, letting you create festive wax melts, ideal for gift giving. No matter your style, these silicone moulds for wax melts will please over and over again. 


How to clean silicone wax melt moulds?

Our silicone wax melt moulds are easy to clean. Soap and warm water should do the trick to remove any leftover wax from previous use. 

Can you make wax melts in silicone moulds?

Yes, silicone moulds are great for making wax melts. Silicone moulds can be reused over and over, which makes them ideal for those creating a lot of wax melts.