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Wholesale Wax Melt Moulds 

Are you looking to make your own wax melts? Wax melt moulds are the perfect way to shape your very own wax melts into fun shapes and patterns. Supplies for Candles wax melt moulds come in a selection of styles, including clamshells, deli pots, and silicone moulds. All of our wax melt moulds are easy to use, allowing you to create fun and great smelling wax melts, ready to use when you want them. 

Wax Melt Moulds and Supplies

Making your own wax melts isn’t hard, but you need to have to right tools if you truly want to create the ideal wax melts of your dreams. And if you want to create wax melts in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and with fun designs, then you’ll want to explore Supplies for Candles extensive selection of wax melt moulds. 

We offer wax melt moulds in three different styles: clamshells, deli pots, and silicone moulds. While each style of mould is different, they all allow you to create fun, unique wax melt designs right from your own home. Create trees, stars, hearts, and many other fun shapes with a unique, easy-to-use wax melt mould. We even offer a selection of holiday themed moulds, ideal for creating wax melts for gifts. Whether you want a nifty little shape or classic circle wax melt, you’re sure to find the wax melt moulds you need here. 


How long do I leave wax melts in the mould?

You want to make sure your wax melts have enough time to properly cool before opening. Therefore, a good rule-of-thumb is to leave your wax melts in their moulds overnight.