Soap & Cosmetics

Supplies for Candles stock a wide variety of soap and cosmetic making ingredients, including Melt & Pour soap bases, bath bomb ingredients, colourants, moulds and much more. 

Melt & Pour Soap Making

Shop over 30 wonderful Melt & Pour bases, perfect for making a range of soaps, shampoo bars and much more. These pre-made bases are simple to use, these is a base perfect for your crafting or business needs.

Cold & Hot Process Soap Making

Inclusive of a range of wonderful oils and butters, our Cold Process Soap category has everything you need to make a wonderful selection of luxurious soap bars.

Bath Bomb Making

From Salts to Clays, Cornstarch to Bicarbonate of Soda, our Bath Bomb category has everything you need to make a range of beautiful bath bombs.

Cosmetic Bases

Pre-made bases are simple to use, with the same wonderful properties included for you. Simply add fragrance and colour and you are ready to go! From Body Wash to Body Butter and more.

To shop hundreds of cosmetic and toiletry making products visit our sister company, The Soap Kitchen.


Can I make soap without Lye?

The simple answer is, no. However, you can make soap with handling lye in its raw form, by using Melt & Pour soap bases. Melt & Pour soap bases are pre-made bulks of soap, that have already been through the saponification process (the process of mixing raw materials with Lye). Lye is in the Melt & Pour bases, but you will not need to worry, as it’s not in its raw form.

Soap in its simplest form is an alkali mixed with fats. When you are making Cold Process soap, you cause a process called saponification, which is what creates the soap. Without Lye in your ingredients, you have the raw, fatty materials & water sat in your bowl, as they can’t saponify (mix together) without Lye.

Can I make soap with organic ingredients?

Using organic products is just one of the many perks of making soap at home. If you are using the Melt & Pour soap bases, you can choose the Melt & Pour Organic soap base which contains organic vegetable oils, & is free from foam boosters, preservatives, alcohol & harmful products to dry out your skin. If you are using the Cold Process method, you can choose to use organic coconut oil & organic olive oil as your primary ingredients. You can also use natural essential oils, as opposed to synthetic fragrance oils.