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About our Reed Diffuser Supplies.

At Supplies for Candles we offer a range of supplies for home fragrance when candles aren't an option, such as reed diffusers & car diffusers.

What is a reed diffuser?

A Reed diffuser is a combination of fragrance oil or essential oil mixed with a solvent. The fragrance/essential oil is dispersed via evaporation to fragrance the room. Reeds are used to draw the mixture upwards and out of the container to then diffuse throughout the room.

How do you make your own reed diffuser? Diffusers are an excellent and safe alternative to home fragrancing where candles are not applicable.

Making a diffuser couldn't be easier. Firstly start with our Augeo diffuser base, select any fragrance oil and essential oil and mix together. Pour into one of our diffuser glasses, add your reeds and your done! Simple. We suggest to use around 15% - 25% of fragrance or essential oil. Therefore for a litre of reed diffuser base, we suggest to add 150 - 250 ml of fragrance or essential oil. We recommend to use around 5-10 reeds per 100 ml diffuser mixture. Want to add some colour to your reed diffusers? Try our water based colours. A few drops of our concentrated colour is all it should take to vibrantly colour your reed diffuser mixture.


How Long Does A Reed Diffuser Last?

A 100ml diffuser oil should last for approximately 3-4 months, but ultimately this will depend on the temperature of your home as there are many factors that contribute to how long reed diffusers last; air flow, heating, area etc etc.