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Perfume Inspired Fragrance Oils

From fresh notes of apricot and apple to the sweet scents of floral, our designer perfume inspired fragrance oils make the perfect addition to any luxury product range. Our fragrance oils are specially formulated to bring you an identical scent to popular perfumes seen on luxury shelves around the world. 

Browse some of our most best-selling scents which include fragrances inspired by designers like Black OpiumPomegranate Noir and La Vie Est Belle. If you are looking for a particular scent, view our designer duplicate fragrance chart to find all the different designer duplicates offered by Supplies For Candles, including recognisable home, bath and body, laundry, perfume, aftershave and cleaning scents!

Perfume Inspired Fragrance Oils for Candles

Sometimes wearing your favourite perfume just isn’t enough! Our designer fragrance oils can be used in a variety of products to fill your space with the familiar scents you love. We offer perfume inspired fragrance oils for wax melts, candles, room sprays, reed diffusers, air fresheners and more. 

Perfumes Inspired by Designers

Our designer fragrance oils are not made by, endorsed by or connected in any way to other brands apart from Supplies For Candles. Our fragrance oils simply smell similar to popular scents. These high-quality concentrated aromas will set your candles apart from the rest. 

What are perfume inspired fragrances?

Perfume inspired fragrances are fragrances that have a scent similar to the scent in an existing perfume product. Also referred to as inspired fragrance oils, Supplies For Candles offers duplicate scents to a variety of name brand perfumes.

What are perfume inspired fragrances used for?

In addition to perfume inspired fragrance oils for wax melts and candles, all of our fragrances can also be used in room sprays, soaps, cosmetics and other applications. Please see the IFRA certificate under the data sheet tab on each fragrance for more details on these applications.