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Wax Melt Making Kits

Our wax melt making kits contain all the necessary ingredients to get started with the exciting craft of wax melt making, designed with the beginner in mind. 

All you have to do is select your fragrance and all the hard work is already done for you!

Our kits are not mass manufactured throwaway toys, but a tool to teach you how to create luxurious high-quality wax melts. We have designed our kits for people ready to learn how to make melts the right way.

Our kits make great gifts for loved ones, or why not make a set of melts to give as a gift? Every kit is supported with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to help you on your wax melt making journey. The guide can be downloaded under the data sheet tab on each wax melt making kit product page. No specialist equipment is needed to enjoy wax melt making, you can do it all in your own kitchen!

In order to use our wax melt making kits you will require the following:

• A cooker or heat source to melt the wax. • A container to melt the wax in such as a double boiler or a pan inside a pan. • A pouring jug. • A utensil to stir the wax with. • A thermometer. 

We'd love to see your work!

Once you’ve made your creations, why not upload an image to either Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag