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Wholesale Glass Wax Melt Burners

Looking for a stunning and delicate way to fill your space with your favourite aroma? Then you’ll love our selection of glass wax melt burners! These high-quality wax melt burners are sophisticated in simplicity while elegantly matching any design preference, making them the perfect gift to give yourself, your loved ones or offer to your customers. 

Clear Glass Wax Melt Burners 

Our delicate glass wax melt burners are hand-blown, ensuring beautiful craftsmanship and high-quality functionality for melting any wax melt you choose. Browse our clear glass wax melt burner selection or choose from a variety of colour tinted glass burner options to find the perfect piece that will best fit into your design aesthetic.  

In addition to our products’ sophisticated design and modern structure, our glass wax melt burners are both easy and safe to use. Simply place a tea light inside the burner, place your desired wax melt on top and wait for your favourite scent to fill your space. Introduce a romantic element to date night or release a peaceful aroma to help you decompress Our glass wax melt burners make the perfect addition to your relaxing self-care routine and are sure to impress guests with a stunning design and inviting scent. 


What are glass wax melt burners?

A glass wax melt burner is a popular type of wax melt burner that is made of glass opposed to ceramic and is used as a method of warming your wax melts to allow the scent to fill your space. 

How do glass wax melt burners work?

Using a glass wax melt burner is both an easy and elegant way to elevate your space with your favourite aroma. Simply place a tea light inside the burner and place your wax melt on top to begin enjoying your fragrance.