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Spice & Wood Fragrance Oils 

The Supplies For Candles spice and wood fragrance oil range offers a variety of products that boast luxurious, sophisticated and warm scents. Simply browse our collection, or if you have a particular scent in mind, filter our products by the notes you are looking for. Our spice and wood fragrance oils can be easily blended to create a unique scent for your candle, room spray, reed diffuser or any other scented product. The hardest part will be choosing between our large selection of lavish fragrances! 

If you’re looking for a spiced scent that offers warmth and comfort, we recommend checking out our Christmas spice or cosy cashmere and winter musk fragrance oils. If you want a more masculine and sophisticated scent, we have an assortment of products you’ll love, such as our old spice, Viking and tobacco and vanilla fragrance oils. 

Wood Fragrance Oils

Wood fragrance oils are a popular selection for those who are looking for an earthy, fresh and rustic scent. Wood notes are commonly used in a variety of scents as they offer such a unique addition to a classic fragrance. If you’re looking for a warm wood fragrance, you’ll fall in love with our crisp fall night fragrance oil. On the other hand, if you want something with deeper notes and a hint of musk, our popular fragrance oils such as tobacco and oak or musk and sandalwood are perfect for you. 

What is the difference between spice fragrance oils and wood fragrance oils?

While both spice and wood fragrances exude deep and intense scents, they are often composed of a different assortment of top, middle and bottom notes that differentiate the stronger fragrance of wood from the stronger fragrance of spice. For example, spice fragrance oils may feature top notes of ginger, peppercorn or cinnamon, while wood fragrance oils may feature top notes of cedar or Amberwood. 

Do you offer fragrance oils with both spice and wood scents?

Can’t decide between spice or wood scents? You don’t have to! The Supplies For Candles spice and wood fragrance line boats plenty of options that perfectly blend the elements of both spice and wood notes, such as our sandalwood and black pepper fragrance oil. Additionally, you’ll find that your favourite classic scents, such as Tuscan leather, are a beautiful blend of both wood and spice notes.