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About Floral Fragrance Oils

The Supplies For Candles original floral fragrance range has everything you’ll need to bring the scent of fresh flowers into your space without the need to visit a florist! Our floral fragrance oils for candles, wax melts, room sprays and more are perfect for creating your very own specialty floral blend to ignite a scent of freshness into any room for any season. Better yet, our fragrance oils are just as fresh as flowers, as they are vegan, paraben-free and compliant with regulations, so you can be sure you are getting the best quality fragrance oil for your products. 

Flower Fragrance Oils

If you are looking for a fresh fragrance to add a sophisticated, sweet or dreamy aroma to your space, then you are sure to find exactly the scent you are looking for in this range. Our floral scents are specially designed to embody the aroma of freshly cut flowers. Browse some of our favourites, such as our jasmine or lavender fragrance oil for a relaxing and unwinding scent. Looking for something more tropical and exotic? Then you’ll love our exotic bloom or winter honeysuckle and elderflower fragrance oil, which are all created to give you the floral scent of your dreams, no matter your location or season!

Do you have scents of a particular flower?

If you are in search of a particular flower scent, look no further than our floral fragrance oil range. We offer scents identical to the loveliest of flowers. Check out our most popular flower fragrance oils today, such as our rose, daisy, peony and cherry blossom scents.