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Candle Dust Covers

Our seeded dust covers are a great eco-friendly alternative to standard dust covers!

They are 6.3 cm in size and are made from recycled paper that is embedded with a selection of seeds!

You can choose from either Parsely, Basil or Summer Flowers!

When the paper is planted, the paper biodegrades while the seeds grow, leaving no waste.

The paper dust covers will fit snuggly into our 20cl glasses but can also be used in our 30cl glasses with approximately a 5mm gap around the outside.

When your candle is finished, fill the jar with 1-2cm of small stones, top it up with soil, place the seeded paper on top and cover with a final thin layer of soil. 

Water lightly and watch the seeds grow!

We’d love to see your work!

Once you’ve made your creations, why not upload an image to either Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag