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Vegetable Wax Supplies

Whether you’re looking to make your own candles or you’re experimenting with wax melts, our vegetable wax supplies page has everything you need to get started. Vegetable wax makes a great, natural choice for candle and wax melt making. From container wax to pillar and melt wax, explore the full collection to stock up on your crafting must-haves. 

Vegetable Wax Supplies

Vegetable wax is a type of wax that is commonly used for candle-making or the production of wax melts. Whether you’re a business owner looking to stock up on your essentials or you’re making your own wax melts at home for the first time, we have several vegetable waxes in a range of sizes and blends to suit your needs. Vegetable wax  is made by hydrogenating a vegetable oil, such as soya bean oil and rapeseed oil. Hydrogenation is a process where oil that was once liquid at room temperature, is processed to make it solid at room temperature, creating a solid wax. Changing the vegetable oil’s melting point allows it to melt at the ideal temperature – perfect for use in candle or wax melt-making!

In our range of vegetable wax supplies, you can discover various options to suit your needs. We have 100% plant-based options – all our vegetable waxes are vegan and cruelty-free, so you can make your own stunning vegan candles and wax melts at home. To customise your vegetable wax candle or wax melts, simply explore our fragrance oils collection.


What are vegetable wax candles?

Vegetable wax candles are candles created with plant-based vegetable wax. Vegetable wax is made by hydrogenating vegetable oil to change its melting point. Vegetable wax is non-toxic and has a lower melting point than paraffin wax candles, meaning it burns for longer and provides a better fragrance. 

Are vegetable wax candles safe? 

100% plant-based waxes, like our vegetable wax, are non-toxic. Unlike paraffin candles, they are made from a renewable, sustainable source, and there is no soot build-up, so they burn cleanly. If you’re looking for a wax option for candles that is safe, vegetable wax is the best choice for both you and the environment.


What are the benefits of vegetable wax?

The main benefit of vegetable wax is that it's derived from vegetable oil. It is a renewable, eco-friendly alternative to paraffin wax. Because natural waxes have little impact on our environment, finished candles made from this type of wax can be marketed as a natural product. This is the main reason natural wax is quickly becoming the more popular choice in candle making. Vegetable wax has a natural luxurious and creamy colour and is less likely to soot than a paraffin candle if wicking is not quite right. The drawbacks of natural wax to paraffin wax is that the scent throw is not quite as strong as in paraffin, and wicking can be difficult in larger containers.

What are the different options of Vegetable Wax?

There are quite a few types of vegetable waxes including Rapeseed and Beeswax being some of the most popular. Soy wax overall is the most popular type of vegetable wax which comes in many different forms and blends such as Container, Pillar BlendNature Wax C3Golden Wax 464 and Golden Wax 494.