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Electric Wax Melt Warmers

Looking to add a beautiful electric wax melt burner to your home fragrance business? Look no further than Supplies for Candles range of high-quality electric wax melt burners! Our easy-to-use and stunningly unique electric wax melt warmers are touch lamp burners that your customers will love as a flameless alternative to candles.

Wax melt burner electric 

Our electric wax melt burners combine innovative touch lamp technology with modern designs and light projection to make the perfect addition to any space. Simply plug in your wax melt warmer, and with our modern touch lamp function, you can turn your electric wax melt warmer on, off and change the heat or light with the tap of a finger. Our electric wax melt warmers provide you with three levels of heat and light options to ensure the aroma and lighting of your space is as customisable as you’d like. Your customers are sure to love the impact these beautiful wax melters will make to their home.

Available in stunning abstract designs, these wax melt warmers are made of high-quality 3D coloured glass to fill your home with stunning lights and enchanting scents. Browse our selection today for the perfect gift that creates a stary projection, cosy atmosphere and delightful aroma. 


Are electric wax burners safe?

Our electric wax melt burners are the highest of quality and are designed to ensure a safe user experience. Electric wax melt burners are a great option if you love using wax melts, but you do not want to spark a live flame in your space. For more information on safety and using your electric wax melt warmer, please visit the details under each product.

How to use electric wax burners 

Our electric wax melt warmers are easy to use. Simply place a wax melt segment in the glass bowl, plug in the lamp to your outlet, turn on the inline switch and allow the aroma of your favourite scent to fill the room!