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Explore Bonfire Inspired Fragrance Oils

As the seasons change, autumn-inspired fragrances are perfect for creating cosy, atmospheric vibes. Our collection of bonfire fragrance oils is perfect if you want to enjoy the scents of the season from the comfort of your own home. We have a variety of Bonfire Night fragrance oils; choose a crackling log fire scent with relaxing notes of glowing amber, leather and log smoke, or opt for something a little sweeter with bonfire-inspired treacle toffee and apple candy oils.

Our bonfire fragrance oils are ideal for use in candles, wax melts, oil diffusers, or room sprays. They’re all 100% concentrated, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Whether you’re making your own candles at home for Bonfire Night or you’re running a business and want some seasonal options, we have Bonfire Night fragrance oils in a range of sizes to match your needs. Explore the full collection to discover your new favourite seasonal scents. 

What does Bonfire Night smell like?

Most Bonfire Night fragrances are inspired by the main event itself – the bonfire! Our crackling log fire fragrance oil is the perfect choice if you’re looking for bonfire vibes. It’s deep and smoky, with autumnal notes of orange peel, amber and musk to give it a comforting edge. Other key scents of Bonfire Night come from the food and treats that are traditionally enjoyed. Our treacle toffee and candy apple fragrance oils are ideal if you’re looking for a sweeter Bonfire Night-inspired aroma.